Om oss


We are young individuals/volunteers living in Norway and just want to shed light on what is going on in Turkey from first hands experience. We are not journalists or professionals but enthusiastic story tellers and people who have personal stories and who want to provide a free platform letting people share their views and stories about Turkey. We are a youth activist group who do not have any political ties and motivation. We are all new in Norway as asylum seekers, students, academicians and people from different professions and backgrounds. Our common feature is that we have all suffered from the regime in Turkey highly because of our ties with the Gulen movement in the last few years and unfortunately it turned into a nightmare after the 15 July coup attempt. Some of us have family members in prison. Our close friends of some of us are currently being tortured in jail. Some of us were personally purged by the government in the massive crackdown.

What are we going to do?

A mass flow has begun from Turkey, which is getting away from democratic and human rights values day by day. But this trend is not limited within the borders of Turkey. Persecution of dissidents against Turkish Regime has spread to some other countries. A witch hunt has been started against the Turkish dissidents through personal connection of Erdogan with corrupt politicians and authorities in undemocratic countries as well as through the Turkish Embassies. The people who run from daily persecutions in Turkey and in those countries have been scattered around the world especially to democratic regions such as Europe and North America. Norway has been one of those safe heavens for these people including us who start this platform. We heard very touching stories from the victims who have sheltered themselves in Norway. These stories and ongoing tragedies affected us very deeply. We wanted to be the voice of those who have been stripped from a peaceful life by the regime in Turkey. Unfortunately, the ones that are exposed to the brutal purge are still living in Turkey. Actually a witch hunt takes place in Turkey and it is reaching to the boundaries of a genocide. There are tens of thousands are in prison, more than one hundred thousands are sacked from their jobs, nearly one million people are affected. We noticed that it is more focused on just popular topics related to the purge in Turkey but thousands are missing. We want to raise an awareness about these unnoticed people by publishing some of their stories. But the scope of this platform is not limited to these new comers. You will also find stories of people who have been already settled down in Norway for years by running from any oppression in Turkey. We are open to update and expand the website content according to both readers’ and contributers’ feedbacks.

Why are we doing this?

We noticed that a platform is needed for victims of Turkey purge in Norway to make their voice heard. We are aware of the effort of Norwegian and other media on this case and really appreciate it. But we believe that those reports are missing individual stories that can help us feel suffering of individuals beyond some numbers. Here you will find resonating untold stories of ordinary people who had to leave everything behind and try to start a new life among you in Norway. You will set on a journey in the seats of these survivors. We want to inform you about Turkey and the human dimensions of developments in the country by building connections with the first hand experiences and an engaging content.

Why do we prefer english for this website?

As mentioned we are very new in Norway and unfortunately do not have sufficient Norwegian linguistic competence yet. For now, we start in English but we are looking for volunteers to translate the content in Norwegian.

How can you contribute?

We appreciate any sort of contributions, for instance, language support, sharing our social media contents, giving us ideas about how to help those people.