A life abandoned to death in prison; Şerif Ağu

Şerif Ağu, who was a mathematics teacher and he was in love with his profession. Like thousands of other Şerif Ağu was arrested for complaints then he was sent to the prison in Antalya. Serif Ağu who was hepatitis B carrier, cirrhosis and most importantly his liver must be transplanted. Serif  was a serious  patient in need of care.
By the end of 2015, cancerous cells were detected in the liver, surgery was performed, and varicose veins were formed due to the disease.
These heirs were stripped for temporary treatment. The heir to the meal can throw clots at any moment, and there is a risk of death.
Before his arrest, the doctors who operated on him said that the organ should be transferred immediately.
Upon this, family members find donors and preparations for transplanting the liver begin. But he was arrested before the surgery occured.
Currently, stress, nutritional deficiency, prison conditions affect the disease negatively.
In addition, analysis, examination and control are not performed in series and are delayed, and the medications used are not given regularly.
The family sent the reports to the Institute of Forensic Medicine. When it was rejected, they sent it to the top delegation. Unfortunately, they got rejected again.
In what kind of conscience and legal knowledge of such a heavy patient is waiting to be kept in custody. We have difficulty in understanding this. His wife with her 3 children is able to get information only for a half hour in two months 1000km away. it is very difficult to go and come in terms of material and spiritual. There is not any other communication. Letter is forbidden, Phone is forbidden. This is only in Antalya L type prison. 
Psychological torture is being conducted on prisoners, not even announcing the voice of their spouse and children for 10 minutes a week.
Şerif Ağu grew up as an orphan. He lost his mother during the arrest and did not go to the funeral.
The brother, whom he knows as a father, grew up in his side and also died three months after his mother’s death. The family could not tell Ağu.
The family, who was afraid of the recurrence of Ağu’s illness, has not informed his aunt and uncle’s death. The family says that it is difficult to understand this trauma and that Aug is a very qualified teacher and person with a strong love for his country
The words of the wife of Sheriff August seem to be very sad; “ First he lost his health then his job and his reputation and added longing for his family. We are going to wait patiently. My husband  is left to die and the necessary health care is not done there, which makes us intolerant. Which conscience remains silent? I  call to all authorities that please extend your helping hand. DO NOT LEAVE MY HUSBAND TO DEATH IN PRISON.”

This article originally appeared in Magduriyetler.com


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