“Either we will take your baby to a doctor without you or we will not take him”

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The prisoner Gulistan Diken Akbaba is living in Gebze Prison with her baby Miraz, 9 month old. Miraz got sick last week and transferred to the hospital by guardians. Administration of prison did not allow his mother to accompany him. Father Cengiz Zaza Akbaba who is preparing to press charges against officers of prison, was told about what happened when he was in a non-contact visit.

According to the news of Cumhuriyet, Akbaba who said Miraz got sick in condition of prison; “He had some illnesses. I had taken him to the doctor. But he couldn’t be fully recovered because we needed to take him to the prison. He had constant vomits on Saturday”.

The prison’s officers that to my wife they would take my son without my wife, or they would not take him to the hospital. So my wife was obliged to surrender my son to them.”

“Either we will take your baby to a doctor without you or we will not take him”, the prison officers told my wife. Having no other choice, my wife was obliged to give my son to them so that he could see the doctor.

Akbaba who said that having no mother accompany the baby to the hospital is totally inhumane continued as; “guardians could inform me about the situation of my son. I would go in haste next to my son. How could a 9-month baby tell his problems to the doctor? His mother would know what to do for the best treatment. Think about the fear that 9-month baby lived through. It is a heavy sin. I am calling out to fellow citizens. Help my baby against tyrannous executions. Sanctions of state of emergency are being executed to a 9 month baby.


This article originally appeared in Magduriyetler.com


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