They busted the house of death teacher to take her under custody


They busted the death teacher’s house because she involved the coup. The house of the teacher Didem Top who died in 2015 was busted.


Didem TOP was one who dedicated herself to education.

She had been working in University of Şifa while she was struggling with her illness. Doctors had diagnosed osteoporosis. She had tried to maintain her eduation untill the last moment during her illness. Till she became as ill as she couldnt do her job… Didem Top died at the end of 2015 and burried to her homeland Konya.

They blamed on one who died 1 and a half year ago about July 15th

Many bad things happened after Didem died. In the last days of her career, University of Sifa was facing countless difficulties but after July everything became upside down.

University of Sifa was also one of the educational institutions shut down. An operation started in dawn for employees of University of Sifa on April. The houses of academics and administrative staff are busted. The house of Didem TOP who had died 1 and a half year ago was also busted. The police wanted to take her under custody because she involved the coup.


Parents of Didem took a grief-stricken breath when they saw the police squad holding custody document which is written Didem’s name on it and they said “If you want to take her under custody you should go to cemetery. Didem is dead my son.”.




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