He had played with his sons a lot and got tired at the end.Then made his sons bed while his wife was making his seven-year-old boy sleep.

He came to the living room and he was exhausted. He thought what kind of energy does the kids have. When he turned on the television he saw the coup attempt was taking place.

He was suspended from his job a few days after the July 15th, like the many others. His mind was frozen and could not comprehend what was going on. He was feeling incredibly bad as if he was drowning when thinking about the offenses he was alleged. His wife was trying her best to be supportive, but could not stop her tears from falling.

Every new day, they were waking up with the distressful news. Suspensions, detention, arrests … Everything was getting worse day by day.

One morning, his door was knocked. He felt his that body was trembling all of a sudden. He took a deep breath and opened the door. Two policemen showed him that they have the search warrant and detention order. They searched the house. They found something to arrest him … Two pens with the emblem of a private hospital and a test paper from the prep-school they had previously worked in! Not a joke! It was enough to be taken away.

He knew it was nothing he could do and he kissed his children while they were asleep then he left with the officers. This touching moment was so hard for his wife and she could barely hold her tears. As a spouse, she had to take a tough stance when she was husband going. She let herself go while looking at his husband through the window… She cried and cried. At least she said, luckily children didn’t see their fathers left with officers like this.

The children thought their father was sent out of the city by the institution he had been worked for. She had a strong hope that He will return home after the custody period. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Her husband was arrested after five days of detention.

She was going to visit her husband, but she did not take the children with her, she could not. She did not want her children to see their father behind the bars. Her husband didn’t want it either. She thought maybe her husband would be released soon. There was no need to make kids sad.

They had credit debts. The first visit passed by talking about debts. She offered to sell the car and pay some of the debts. The felicitous wife did not want his husband to think about it when he was taken away from his freedom. ‘No problem! I hope we will handle. Don’t worry,” she said. “Sometimes I cannot fall asleep. How are you going to handle all? There is debt. You are with two kids.” Her husband said. He was right, he knew he could not do anything but consolation.

She called the lawyer right after she left the visit. She was extremely surprised when she found out that there was an interlocutory injunction for their car. She thought how it could be, and she took the way to her home.

They decided to move their home when she told about their car at next non-contact visit. She packed home stuff as she was crying. They had moved before, but this time it was different. She felt like she was sailing into a vague ocean. They used to pack together previous times, but now…

She couldn’t come to non-contact visits after she had to move her hometown. And contact visit day had come. She prepared her children for the visit told that they are going to visit their father at the workplace. After an exhausting journey, children read the name of the building when they arrived, Penal Institution. She wished they would be younger so that could not read where they have just come to. Her eyes were full of tears, she was sad, but she should have a poker face. Then she said your father will teach in here for a while.

Then children started to wait with great enthusiasm for him. She could not sit. She was trembling excitedly. It was just like the excitement of the day when she first saw him. She found it funny when she thought those feelings. Then the prisoners appeared at the door. They entered the visitation venue one by one. There was a wave of excitement and flood of tears in the venue. Especially embracing of children to their father and embracing of the fathers to their children… It was a heart-wrenching moment.

They all sat down. Father had made his preparations at previous week and bought chocolates, juice, cookies from the canteen. But no one cares the foods at that moment? He told them what they were doing inside. He joked with the kids. And the guardian rang the bell which meant the visit was over. The time had passed too fast. They stood up and said goodbye, but it was not easy to separate children from their father.

She left the venue with many confusing feelings; the happiness of visit and sadness of leaving him behind. Her eldest son was holding tight his chocolate in his hand. The answer was devastating when she asked him to eat his chocolate before it melts. “Mother, I will not eat. I’ll smell it when I miss my dad.” The time had stopped. She just hug him without any word…

It’s been months since. The longing did never end but it got bigger and bigger. She is still trying to hold on and hoping that one-day justice will come back. She is looking forward to the day when longing will end…

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