Hear the voice of Poyraz Ali


Poyraz Ali who has atypical autism grew up in prison with his mother Zeynep Bakir. He was two and a half years old when he first entered to prison now he is five and a half years old. Autism activist Irem Afsin, former CHP Member of Parliament Melda Onur and the father Emrah Bakir had met with the Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag on January 22, 2015 and the minister promised them probation.

It had been two years after that meeting. No stone is left unturned for the release of Zeynep Bakir but the given words wasn’t kept. Bozdag didn’t reply any demand of meeting more. While mother was asking probation she has also became a victim of state of emergency.

She banished to Silivri No: 9 prison on August 1, 2016

Poyraz Ali who went to Trabzon with his father became devoid of his mother and his education.

Zeynep Bakir wrote letters of application to the ministry of justice. After every application of her rejected she applied to constitutional court.  When she couldn’t take any response from constitutional court she started hunger strike. Bakir was transferred to Gebze prison on November 19, 2016 and she took her son to the prison with herself.

The father who emphasized that his son started to speak with the supports of Zeynep and volunteers continues as;

We applied to probation yesterday. We are hopeful. Zeynep’s situation fulfills the conditions for probation but they are ignoring our every application. Poyraz Ali turned the school age. He will be not able to stay with his mother because he will turn 6 on November. He will be devoid of his mother for three months again until release of Zeynep. Acceptance of our application is very important.”


This article originally appeared in Magduriyetler.com


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