“I want my mum not a car”

children jails

The alderman of Yenisehir district in Diyarbakir Turkan Uzan Avsin is sentenced 3 years 4 months imprisonment. After the Supreme Court countenanced the decision, she was arrested on January 2016. She was put in Diyarbakir E type closed prison.

After escape of 6 prisoners, she banished to Gebze closed women prison on March 6, 2016.

After she had banished, she became completely distant from her baby Agit 18 month and her son Robin, 2. And her husband was fired after appointment of trustee to the  Yenisehir municipality where he works as a warden. Father of Avsin tells what he lived through as;

“when she was in Diyarbakir we could visit her.  Now we cannot. My children want their mother. I cannot answer them. I said to Robin his mother went to earn money and she will buy him a toy car. First he became happy, after a couple of days he said I want my mum not the car. And my wife is asking about them in every phone call. We have ten minutes phone call in a week. Ten minutes not enough for anyone. My wife’s father is sick abed. If she calls him she cannot call us, if she calls us she cannot call him.

This article originally appeared in Magduriyetler.com


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