Women in postpartum and four month old babies are being arrested.


Equality of opportunity!!! Women in postpartum and four month old babies are being arrested.

There is equality of opportunity in this country! Now, women in postpartum and four months old babies are also being arrested.

In this country, there was a word that the rulers of the country repeated over the last fifteen years. “Equality of opportunity”. I remember, Muammer Guler, when he was appointed to the Governor of Istanbul, said, “I was a son of a poor family with seven children, but now I am the governor of Istanbul. This situation shows equal opportunity in the country. ”

Quite so! Opportunities have been equalized for everyone! In this period of ruling party, history is being rewritten! Eighty-year-old elderly grandfathers, grandmothers, pregnant women, nursing mother with four months old babies can be arrested! These people are sharing the same place with mafia organizations, killers and rapists in the prison! My wife with her baby four months old have been arrested suddenly over Gülen links with a slander from where we don’t know. As drug organizations, terrorist groups, mafia are free in the country, my dear wife and my four months old baby have been arrested over a coup attempt. Following this arrest, my wife and I were dismissed according to the statutory decree.

Her arrest put us on a very traumatic period of time. I was visiting my wife in the prison to feed our baby 3 days in a week. Under lengthy custody, my wife sometimes pumped her milk with machine so that I could feed my baby with it during the nights. However, it wasn’t enough. It was a kind of torture. After that endless custody, my wife was arrested with a single sentence without any crime.  My wife pumped her milk with a machine like many others, in order not to deprive their babies of mother milk. After a while, the prison admin took away the basic human right by not letting the mother milk to reach the sinless babies. While my baby was suffering from maternal deprivation already I decided not to leave her without mother milk, that is why, I had to put my baby to the prison with her mother!How well could the prison conditions be?

After 2 weeks, the baby got sick and we got a day off to take our baby to hospital. The doctor diagnosed it as bronchitis. However, the prison administration did not allow the intake of the drugs which my baby must had by saying “we will handle it”. My constant insistence worked out a bit so I was able to send some of them in.   Beside the drugs, we brought pillow and blanket for the baby however, it was rejected by claiming that there is enough in the prison. During first two weeks, they didn’t provide neither any pillow nor blanket for the baby. Finally, they agreed to provide it at the third week after due to my constant instance.  For a father there is no way to describe how hard it is not to be able to supply basic needs of his innocent imprisoned wife and his baby.

We forgot almost our pain because we are thinking of the baby all the time. Forty minutes for open visitation in every 2 months, 10 minutes for phone call every week are my routines of my life now. I feel powerless at this point, All I can do is to pray to God to end all these awful things happening to me and others.  I feel like life was hitting me on the head with brick so bad, trying to get me down. Right after my wife’s dismissal, I was also driven out of my job. Now, I cannot find a job because, no one dare to employ me due to my link to the movement. I cannot be a tea maker, a taxi driver or any kind of job to support myself. Every day I feel more grieved by the pain of my wife and my baby, whom I left desperate in prison while I was not working in a job that would provide subsistence.

In brief, as a family we are so down both in spiritual and material terms. I have faith in humanity that one day, all these sorrow will find a response in those pure hearts.And I look forward to the day when all those who commit these crimes, particularly prosecutors and judges, will suffer the punishment they deserve.



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