Zafer the BABY


I am Zafer the baby; they separated me from my family when I was 1 year old.

I am the VICTORY of my mother and father in this world… (Victory means Zafer in Turkish). I am a stranger in this world; it has not been a whole year yet but every image is in my mind, I have been through too much with my little body. I opened my eyes with a prayer “May Allah let him grow up with mother and father”.  I am growing, that’s alright but where is my father.

Might he abandon me? But I am not a naughty boy, he may not be gone and I think he is not far away. My mom always says that he will be at home any day now, may be tomorrow. But months have passed and that tomorrow have never come.

Now I learned why that tomorrow never comes. I have been told that he is behind the bars. I experienced and felt same feeling of being behind the bars when I was only 9 months old.

Polices took me and my mother to small dark room, and I was very frightened first. There was no space to run and I thought laughing would cost money. Because mother was always crying and my eyes are always waiting for my dad, tomorrow.

They took me and my mom to that dark room without informing anyone. My uncles and grandfather gazed into our eyes and they cried but no one heard them, just me and my mom.

Then they released us, it is not dark anymore. My mother is with me but my father is still in tomorrow. Is it possible to reach that tomorrow before I forget my father? I am sad, scared but a strange feeling in me says that tomorrow will come and we will all smile.


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